Comedian/actor Patton Oswalt tweeted, “There is a “Tea Party” equivalent of progressivism/liberalism. And they just chased Joss Whedon off Twitter.”

» 5/05/15 3:00pm Yesterday 3:00pm

Kind of wished there were a lot more Chinese designers (and hell, more Chinese people) but from what I’ve seen most people have stuck to Western designers. Which I guess is better than going the full-on appropriation route?

» 5/05/15 5:28am Yesterday 5:28am

Yeah, I just don’t really get the driving point of these movies. They are filled with razzle-dazzle CGI that is clearly designed to wow and impress us, and the filmmaking craft is clearly not swinging for any Oscars, and yet the subject matter is, at its core, deeply tragic and monumentally horrific.

» 5/04/15 12:29pm Monday 12:29pm

I can’t like the Sand Snakes like everyone else does. They want to dismember Myrcella, who is just a young girl who has done nothing to them, piece by piece just to send a message.

» 5/04/15 12:09pm Monday 12:09pm

I’d also have made sure that chain-mail gown had a much higher neckline and a well-padded hood, given his well documented propensity for choking and punching women in the head.
» 5/04/15 3:40am Monday 3:40am

Heck, sometimes even if Orphan Black shows the killing blow, it doesn’t always turn out to be actually fatal - see Helena and Rachel (though, admittedly, both are justified, as the former has her heart on the other side of her body and still would’ve died if she wouldn’t go to the hospital, and the pencil went far…

» 5/03/15 2:22pm Sunday 2:22pm

I remember reading an interview somewhere where the costume designer had worked on getting a material that allowed a range of movement without compromising the look of the cowl, but everything I’ve seen makes it look like it’s very restrictive. » 5/01/15 1:24pm Friday 1:24pm

» 5/01/15 1:24pm Friday 1:24pm

Robb trusts Walder Frey because he has to, but when you think about it, the Red Wedding only really works if Robb is just too stupid to notice the 80 million red flags that Roose throws up.

» 4/30/15 2:32pm Thursday 2:32pm