OK, I'm going to come up with someone else from BSG. Caprica Six. Boy was she ever a divider and not a uniter — introduced doubt about the genocide of humanity to the previously united Cylon, therefore blowing their opportunity to wipe out the human pestilence at New Caprica. She is directly responsible for the loss… » 11/21/14 9:50pm Friday 9:50pm

For about the billionth time, I find myself sad-facing that Hollywood sucks so hard when it comes to decent roles for women (especially those who've been through menopause as well as puberty) that astoundingly talented actresses not only sign up for this shit pile of a show, but they keep coming back. » 11/20/14 5:13pm Thursday 5:13pm

Cop Out is hardly the worse thing I've ever seen, but Willis wasn't the only one on that mis-fire exuding a thick fog of "let's just get this shit wrapped already" which, on some level, is more depressing than a hacky B-film where everyone's at least trying, even if their best is pretty crap. » 11/20/14 2:53pm Thursday 2:53pm

The newly dead and rather beleaguered Maitlands are, post-expiration, given a "Handbook for the Recently Deceased." Thanks to their failure to properly examine it, they make a lot of rookie mistakes as freshly minted ghosts and are frequently reprimanded for not reading the manual.

» 11/20/14 11:02am Thursday 11:02am