Sorry for dropping the c-word, but that is canonically plausible given that Bond's Times obituary in You Only Live Twice (book not film) stated that Andrew Bond worked for Vickers, an engineering firm who produced armaments, and his job required a great deal of foreign travel. Not a bad position for someone involved… » 3/28/15 1:10am Today 1:10am

Everyone involved points out — correctly — that reshoots don't necessarily mean a movie is in trouble. (They really don't. Every Marvel movie has had reshoots.) But then they explain that the tone of the movie was wrong, and it needed to be made less comedic. And THAT actually is a huge warning sign.

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Sorry for being a broken record here, but if the first fifteen episodes of Cparica were as good as the last four SyFy burned off (and which finally brought the individual elements together and started paying them off), we'd have gotten to see the depressingly awesome "flash forward" at the end of the last episode play… » 3/20/15 3:21pm 3/20/15 3:21pm

Dean goes to insane lengths to save him — thus proving, not just that Sam and Dean are heroes, but also that they have a huge double standard.

Seriously: Guy they've never met? Let's pop him. Guy they've hung out with? We are never going to give up on you! Cole never points out the obvious, which is that Dean was…

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We've heard it pretty much every time Marvel's Avengers have been on the big screen. People point to Hawkeye and Black Widow and insist, "They shouldn't be here." Because what superhero team needs two normal humans?

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